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Hi I am Zahid Ali founder of Free Amliyat Books

I have been experienced in Blogging for more than 5+ years .

I welcome you all to my very little world to grab better of my experiences and findings.

Dear Website Visitor, you will find powerful Amliyat and wazaifs on this website. Which will help you to solve your troubles and problems in a spiritual way. All the amliyat and wazaifs are powerful and tested. This web site contains wazaifs and amliyat on the following topics:

  • Protect from the evils of enemies
  • Ending the effects of black magic
  • Spiritual healing for the sick
  • Protection from Giants
  • Business development etc.

In this website, we will share book reviews of Amliyat, Wazaif, Gemstones, Numerology, ilm e Jaffar, ilm e Ramal, Istekhara, Kala Jadu, Sifli Jado, Misar Ka Jadu, Kolkata Ka Chalta Jadoo, Unan or Japan Ka Jadoo, China ka Jadu etc.

You can also read about benefits of reciting different Surah of Quran e Majeed Like, Benefits of reciting Surah e Rehman, Surah e Yaseen, Surah e Muzammil, Surah e Baqrah, Surah e Maryam, etc.

If you are suffering from black magic or Sifli magic so this website is very helpful for you because we share daily different types of Wazaif and Amliyat for removing the effects of black magic and sifli magic, with the help these wazaif and amliyat the effects of kala jado will be finished and your problems and diseases will also fine soon.

If you wanna add your unique articles on our website so contact us my email at sahirsaim86@gmail.com. I will publish your unique article in our website with your reference.

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