Top 10 Benefits of Reading Surah e Yaseen

top 10 benefits of reading surah e yaseen

Surah Yaseen is called the heart of the Quran and there are numerous benefits to reciting Surah Yaseen. I am sharing with you Top 10 benefits of reading Surah e Yaseen which are listed below: Forgiveness of sins Those who recites Surah e Yaseen, so Allah Ta’ala forgives¬†his Kabira and Saghira sins. We should recite […]

Top 10 Wazaifs for Removing Effects of Black Magic

top 10 wazaifs for removing black magic effects

People all over the world do not see anyone happy because of envy and cast a black spell on them, which causes their happiness to turn into grief. And they get trapped in various diseases and problems, and their business is severely damaged due to which their business is closed and they are left paralyzed. […]

Top 10 Wazaif for Rizq

top 10 wazaifs for wealth

Nowadays,¬†everyone is worried about rising inflation and unemployment. Today I am sharing with you the top 10 wazaif for increasing money and income. If a person’s business does not run properly and there is a lot of damage to the business, so he should read Surah e Kafiron and Surah e Nasar daily 40 times. […]

Top 10 Wazaifs of Bismillah | Bismillah Best Wazifa

top 10 benefits of Bismillah Shareef

Today I am sharing with you Top 10 wazaifs of Bismillah Shareef. Wazifa for Controlling Peoples: If anybody wants to control peoples, So he should read 66 times Bismillah for 90 days and also wear Bismillah Naqsh. Insha Allah, he will soon receive power from Allah to control peoples. Wazifa for Wishes: If you have […]

Top 10 Wazaif of Nad e Ali

top 10 wazaif of Nad e Ali

Nad e Ali is very famous and powerful Dua. It has many benefits. Today I am sharing with you very powerful Top 10 wazaifs of Nad e Ali which are listed below. Very Urgent Wishes: If a person wishes to fulfill his legitimate wish, he should start the scholarship of Nad Ali, and all his […]